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julio amill

puerto rico, 1985

aware of the transience of time, this novel artist has studied in the fields of electronics, languages and arts. he completed his b.a. in teaching spanish in secondary education at the university of puerto rico, cayey (2008) and also attended graduate studies at the pontifical catholic university of puerto rico at ponce, under the m.a. program in drawing and painting (2010). he developed a taste for arts at age 20 while working as a museum docent at the university's dr. pío lópez martínez museum at cayey. his interest in experimental media has led him to the production of multimedia works such as audio-performances, audio-sculptures and video-performances. he is recognized for the creation of an audio-database, in which he has collected micro-sounds since 2008 that he later incorporates in music compositions. he is currently an educator artist at the ponce art museum.

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